"Sam" a short film directed by Ari Blinder is about a man who is struggling with his real identity, being born a man but truly a women. 

We shot this project with a very limited budget but got really great results. I found a great motel in Green Port Long Island called "Silver Sands Motel". All vintage furniture, wood paneled walls and a very pink bathroom. The owner was nice of us to use it for the day for basically nothing. 

The idea for this short started off to be very complex, A man who walks into a motel room and sees a women in the bathroom, she is undressed and teasing him with looks. She slowly starts put clothes on, make up and eye lashes. We're not sure is she's a prostitute, wife, girlfriend or if the guy just as an obsession. By the end of the short the man walks into the bathroom and comes out a women. He was staring at himself the whole time and just seeing the beauty in what he could be. 

Lighting wise for the bathroom, there wasn't much room for anything so I kept it really simple. I changed the bulbs on the practical light to two 75w added some opal and black wrap to cut off the walls. I occasionally added a bounce board for some fill. 

For the motel room we wanted it to be super dark and just have the bathroom light be source. I put a LiteMat 2L over the character standing in the doorway skirted to keep it off the beds and let the bathroom light do the rest. Like I said we didn't have much, basically just bulbs and two LED lights. 

Shot on the Alexa MINI and Leica R lenses

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.49.07 PM.png