Meet Up

A short film directed by Mark Abramowitz about a young man who gets stood up at a bar but meets a loner outside who's asks for a ride home but ends up being crazier than expected. 

5 day shoot, starting with a process trailer ( uhaul trailer) and ending with a long night in the woods. Shot on the Alexa mini and canon primes.

Couldn't of done it without the help of my gaffer AJ DeSimone and my AC Ed Pages. Good dudes. 

Process trailer lit with a Litemat 2L covered with 1/4 grid. The stills below shot with a 50mm at f2.8 800iso.

The shot below is one of my favorites from the whole shoot. Lit with an LED panel on the left, flagged to keep spill off the house, keying the character on the right. On the right side of frame we had a par can for a more edgy key for the character on the left. Some cross keying. Shot at a f/2.8, 800iso 50mm

The woods scene was a little tricky with such little gear and a really small crew. Me, a Gaffer (AJ DeSimone) and an AC (Ed Pages). Luckily I was able to get an easy rig into the budget. This would've been hard with out one. The scene starts with them pulling up on this abandoned road where the one character pulls out a knife, drags the other out and brings him into the woods. Now with just us as crew these constant movements became difficult but we managed and got it done. I used a 2k open face with 1/2 CTS and some plus green for a streetlight effect. I would've done moonlight but with our small sources I didn't think I would be able to achieve the look. We had two moving Par Cans with 1/2 CTB, one mostly pointing in the woods right next to the scene to give some depth, the other was for a moon like edge when we needed some seperation for the characters and the dark woods. We had a fog machine to carry some of the light but since we didn't have a dedicated person to man the machine sometimes we lost the fog look. Overall I'm really happy how it came out.

24mm 800iso f/2

85mm 800iso f/2 (had a pizza box to give some extra fill onto his face)

These next two shots are the continuation of the woods scene. Here I wanted it to just be moon light and keep the street light in the background only to show the distance of how far they are. I Kept these shots closer so I could achieve a dark moonlight effect, very edgy. Lit with two par cans both with 1/2 CTB and 4500 kelvin. 

50mm 1000iso f/2

50mm 1000iso f/2 (a little fill from a pizza box)