Film finally developed

I've had 15 rolls of film, 35mm and 120mm, sitting on my shelf for the longest time. I usually develop my self but haven't had the time to do it all. I had the chance to stop at Unique photo in New Jersey and drop all it off.I have a epson scanner so I just got the negatives done and scanned them all myself. Its always nice when you get to see the pictures and remember some good times, I think thats one of the best things about film, digital is instant, film can hold memories for as long as you want and it'll be there when you're ready to find out whats in that roll. 

35mm was shot with my Nikon one touch point and shoot. My favorite camera, super reliable and really fun. 120 was on an ETRS Bronica 

(scanner does this annoying line across on some images)