"Dead Beat"

Short film "Dead Beat" directed by Jesse R. Tender. About a man who visits his dying father in the hospital after not seeing him for three years only to say things to him that he's been wanting to say his face every since his father abandoned him. Starring Mike Starr as the father.

Hospital room was really small and by the time we got in there the sun was setting making it harder to light with what we had. We also didn't really have much time to tweak lighting for each shot, but all in all it came out good. 

All the outside shots we added a 6x6 solid to get some negative fill. The sky was overcast so that little but of negative went a long way.

Hospital was lit with an Astra light panel in the corner of the room flagged off the walls. Originally suppose to be an HMI but do to space and how much the characters moved around we couldn't fit it in there and we weren't allowed on the roof, which would've been a life saver. I was trying to go for a really edgy daylight feel keeping the characters faces dark towards camera.

Shot on the Alexa mini (3.2k) with canon cinema primes (24,35,50,85,135)