Sleep Tight

My first feature. Really grateful to be giving the chance to shoot a feature and especially one that had an awesome story line.

"Sleep Tight" is a thriller/horror movie directed by Orr Bortman. It's about a young girl, Susie, with some major social anxiety who has to get all of her wisdom teeth taken out. To get comfort she signs up for an online support group who's main focus is sleeping issues. She quickly befriends the creator and host of the group "sleep tight". Over the days the host starts to get attached to Susie, stalking not only her but also her grandma. 

This was a super low budget feature, we didn't have much in the lighting department, a few LED panels, china balls and my homemade covered wagon. Thanks to my good friend Aj I had some grip gear including a dana dolly free of charge.

This was my first time using the Lite Mat 2L I had just bought for this project and it was a life saver. You can velcro, tape and whatever else you may want to do very easily. I definitely recommend having it as part of the lighting package, especially if you're stuck in a tiny apartment for 2 weeks. 

We used my Alexa Mini with the Canon cinema primes, I tried pushing for some Lomo anamorphics. Having the anamorphic 2:35 to really show the anxiety in the spaces, making her feel small in these wide frames. I felt that this project deserved a different feel instead of the standard sharp 16x9 look, but do to budget we just couldn't swing it. I couldn't be happier with what we got all said and done. 

Do to limitations with the dentist office we had we couldn't add too much light into the spaces. This is lit with a few house fluorescent lights skirted and made more direct. It also has that big moveable dentist spot light on her mouth, It was was too bright so I had to black wrap and ND it. 

Love this frame and scene, A lot of fun to watch this play out on camera. We set up the Dana dolly on two combo stands, ratchet strapped the plate onto the rails and pointed down. 

This is one of my favorites of the film, Shot with an 85mm lens with add macro extenders. A pretty difficult shot to get when the hallway is 4ft wide but we got it!

50mm f/2.8. This is inside a homemade tent, I had the production designer build some of it out of muslin so I could shoot light through it and get a natural soft warm edge. Lit with a 1k parcan on outside shooting through the muslin and a practical bulb wrapped in opal for her key. 

Grandma's house. 50mm f/2. This is mostly natural day light with the help from the Lit Mat giving her a harder edge and a bounce board tape to the wall to give her more fill. 

So this is my official favorite shot of the movie. A dolly shot starting from back moving in on her as she is fighting the pain of her recent wisdom teeth removal. The production designer did a great job with the envelopes, it really adds to the scene. I used an astra LED panel w/ opal to light the wall with two 2x3 flags cutting down on the spill and giving more of a strip of light. On her I used the Lit Mat w/ full grid and the egg crate to make her pop a little more. 

Hopefully not giving the ending away, this is when it really turns to the dark side. Lit with a practical on the floor (lamp falls on the ground), the Astra LED on the wall and the Lit Mat on her both with a little cyan to give a more ambient moon light effect. I didn't want it to just be one tone and have the orange glow fall off into complete darkness. I think its just enough without being to distracting.